The data you need.
The expertise to interpret it.

Who we are

We are dedicated to serving the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry by generating unique and comprehensive science-based evidence of efficacy in compounds and formulations using transcriptomic analysis. 

Why work with us?

Our expertise in genomic analysis can create data that gives you greater clarity towards your business needs and helps you:

De-risk leads for better outcomes in clinical trials

Identify novel properties of ingredients and formulations

Create molecular data for precise structure function claims

Exhibit science-based evidence of efficacy for compounds and formulations

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Business Impacts


Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy Package identifies new applications and creates science-based evidence for structure and function claims


Attract New Investments

An Attract Investment Package provides preliminary data on product safety and efficacy to de-risk the assets in development


Product Development

A Product Development Package optimizes which preparations and formulations should proceed to clinical trials


IP Protection

An IP Protection Package identifies new applications and synergies that are useful, unexpected and novel

Nutraceuticals and the Genomic Revolution

A White Paper

In recent years, the nutraceutical industry has seen rapid growth and change as consumers have become more interested in nutraceutical products, but also demanding more research to back-up product claims. This in turn has led the nutraceutical industry to adopt a new science-based paradigm. In this white paper, we discuss how you can leverage scientific studies to increase your customer confidence, attract new investments, develop new products, and protect your intellectual property (IP).

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