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[Press Release] Lifeist Subsidiary Mikra Cellular Sciences Partners with InVivo Biosystems

Mikra partners with InVivo Biosystems for pre-clinical trials to strengthen patent application and generate further data confirming expression pathways for genes.

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InVivo Biosystems Launches New Formulation Analysis Platform to Aid Healthy-Aging Product Research and Development

InVivo Biosystems, an expert in genetic small animal model creation and in-vivo testing, announced the launch of its new InVivo Longevity Platform.

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Modeling Gut Microbiome Effects in Alternative Animal Models

What is the microbiome? How does it help or hinder health? And, what does recent research indicate?

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Longevity Studies Using C. elegans to Identify Potential Anti-Aging Compounds

Working with InVivo Biosystems and using the model organism of C. elegans, Dr. Vollmer was able to get the data he needed to proceed with product development within his timeline and budget.

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The Argument for Aging as a Disease

This article will discuss the debate over whether aging should be considered a disease, the arguments for and against such a classification, what it would mean from a clinical standpoint, and how it would transform the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

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What Is Lifespan And Healthspan – And How Are They Connected?

Humans are living longer than any other time in history, but what is the quality of life during these years? This article will discuss lifespan and health: what are they, how are they different, and how are they connected?

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How Probiotics are Being Used to Combat COVID-19

In addition to vaccines and traditional therapeutics, the medical community is exploring other ways of helping to prevent, and reduce, symptoms of COVID-19. One promising supplement is a common probiotic. In this article we discuss the studies that have been conducted, their findings, and answer the question: who could benefit from taking probiotics?

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Testing the Neuroprotective Effect of a Lead Compound Using C. elegans for Fast and Cost-Effective Answers

Download our customer story to learn more about Dr. Galyan's research, why he chose to leverage the InVivo Biosystems' Longevity Platform, and the benefits of using our platform for his research.

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Alzheimer’s – Have we been approaching it all wrong?

Until recently, the field of Alzheimer's research largely focused on the “amyloid cascade hypothesis.” Now, a new finding has set the research field abuzz and suggested there may be more to Alzheimer's than the amyloid cascade hypothesis. 

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